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Mr. Andy Wong is the CEO of activeXsearch human resources. He is a professional trainer and event organizer with about 15 years of professional experience within 5 years in human resources consulting. As a trainer he has an experience in Train the trainer programs, Professional development plans, Team building and Behavioral descriptive interviews. He teaches the best and the latest technics during his trainings and conference thanks to his partnership and frequent contacts with reputed professor teachers/researchers from the best universities all around the world.
AHK Greater China
Through « DCInternational » (Official German Chamber of Commerce in Mainland China, Hong-Kong and Taiwan) and the Service Provider (German Industry y Commerce), AHK Greater China is able to support German and local companies. Since 1981, It offers them miscellaneous services such as training & development and business event in order to facilitate Sino-German business cooperation.
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No.2099 Yan'an West Road, Changning District, Shanghai 200336, China

April 17th & 18th SHANGHAI

4500.00 RMB (2 days)
2850.00 RMB (1 Day)

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